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Ask open-ended questions with built-in coding... then let your customers lead you to the answers.


Talk with your respondents

Online surveys can be long, boring and frustrating. That is why we created a more natural way to engage with your audience. It is faster, more interactive and feels like a conversation.


Distribute studies your way

Build your custom panel with GroupSolver, or bring your own. You can also mail out invitations, share studies with the public, and distribute them on social media.


A bright future for research

Let our AI powered consumer conversation take your research into the future. GroupSolver harnesses your respondents' creativity for better insights.

The voice of our customers

GroupSolver's platform and the team's thought leadership has aided me in handling the rapidly changing research environment while taking on research projects quickly in a cost effective way. They not only helped me to answer the "what," but also the “why," which can be much more cumbersome to measure through traditional survey methods.

— Kimberly Carrasco
Ryan Adkins


Ryan Adkins

GroupSolver is a game changer. It allowed us to get to the “why” behind the data much faster than we could do it otherwise. I particularly loved their Consensus Solution analysis and how it quickly got to the bottom of what the customers were trying to tell us.

Ryan Rieches

Branding Business

Ryan Rieches

GroupSolver helped us quickly discover insights that would have been left hidden had we used a traditional survey.

Renata Bertó

University of san diego

Renata Bertó

Your team did a phenomenal job on this project! Everyone was so responsive and professional! I have only great things to say about their professionalism and quality of work, and I am looking forward to working with them again before launching any academic programs in the future.

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Rasto Ivanic

Maros Ivanic


Maros Ivanic

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Chief of research

Jozef Hudacek

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Chief of Development

Marek Tutoky