We make surveys cool

Can surveys ever be fun? Can they deliver insights rather than data?
We think so. If surveys are ever to become cool, count on the team that despises boring surveys to make it happen.

GroupSolver ® launched

Joined Evonexus Incubator

Launched MVP
in the market

Added our 50 th client

Ran studies
in 12 languages

The best
is yet to come...

Journey with GroupSolver ®

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  • GroupSolver ® Launched
  • Joined Evonexus Incubator
  • Launched MVP in the market
  • Added our 50th
  • Ran studies in 12th country
  • The best is yet to come...

Our story

In our careers, we have taken many surveys. We have built surveys and analyzed tons of survey data, too. We know that there are many uncool surveys out there.

That is why we decided to do things differently. GroupSolver ® team has designed a platform that answers burning research questions faster and more intuitively, while inflicting less pain on the respondents. So, if you ever struggle with how survey research works and you are searching for a cooler way to do market research, you may have just found your new best friend!

The team behind GroupSolver ®

Analytics Team
Lead of Analytics
Rastislav Ivanic

We understand your business better than you. Just kidding… but we will help you understand your business better than you did before you talked to us.

Product Team
Lead of Platform
Marek Tutoky

Automation lives here. We design smart tools that save you time and make your boss say ‘Wow!’

Research Team
Lead of Product
Tomas Darmo

Nerdy, intellectually brilliant. Seriously. We don’t care about sports and don’t joke about data.

Infrastructure &
Security Team
Lead of Infrastructure
Maros Bartko

We care about your data and privacy. We lose sleep over hackers, leaks and GDPR, so you don’t have to.

Business Team
Lead of Business
Chris Jensen

We know you need a friend. A shoulder to cry on. Somebody you call when you needed your research done yesterday. That is us.

Marketing Team
Lead of Marketing
Grace Pu

We watch market trends, tell customer stories and advocate for better research. Oh, and if you ever find yourself saying ‘dang, this is a nice deck’ to our analytics team, we probably had something to do with it.

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