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Should We Be Worried About AI Becoming Sentient? Spoiler Alert: Not Yet

We want to set the record straight on AI Sentience. Read more to see if our researchers think the topic is a valid point of concern.

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Companies Taking a Stand on Social Issues – Long Overdue or Out of Line?

Making a difference in the world is a collective effort- but should companies be involved in these initiatives? Read more to see what people think.

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Brand Evaluation: What It Is and What It Involves

Discover the essentials of brand evaluations including what a brand evaluation is, the key components of a brand evaluation, and how to launch your evaluation.

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Net Promoter Score Guide for 2022 and Beyond

NPS stands for Net Promoter Score, a metric used for customer experience programs. NPS looks from -100 to 100 for if customers would recommend your brand. Learn more about NPS and how to use it.

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How to Design a Customer Experience Survey

Customer experience data is vital to building a brand. Learn how to effectively build a customer experience survey to get the best insights.

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Starbucks Protests Spark a Conversation Around “Vegan Upcharges” and Accommodating Dietary Preferences

Starbucks is one of many companies facing recent criticism for their dairy-free alternatives surcharge. So, what do people really think about this issue?

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Retail Customer Experience Survey Template

Focusing on feedback from retail customers provides data for optimizations & improved experiences. Explore retail survey examples & questions with GroupSolver.

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Using Surveys for User Experience Research

Find example questions, methodologies, and tips for conducting user experience research, and learn how to interpret this data to make informed decisions.

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GroupSolver, Inc.’s AI-powered ‘Idea Pool Manager’ revolutionizes market research by analyzing survey responses for you in real time

GroupSolver added a new algorithm called Idea Pool Manager into their smart survey platform. This implementation acts as the gearbox to their AI Open-End technology, delivering clean and useful data summaries to researchers.

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