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With Gas Prices at a Record High, are Electric Vehicles the Future of Transportation?

Gas prices throughout the U.S. are higher than ever, with some states reaching just under $6 per gallon. Consequently, are we entering a new era of electrification within the transportation industry? The most recent market research study from GroupSolver uncovers the latest insights in terms of contemporary beliefs and attitudes around electric vehicles.

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Electric Vehicle

Employee Paid Time Off – A Right or a Privilege?

Although taking time off of work is well within the rights of most working professionals, there are many factors that can make taking that step feel out of reach. We asked 200 individuals about their attitudes surrounding paid time off, and this is what we found.

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Football fans share their predictions and opinions on the upcoming 2022 Super Bowl

The biggest football event of the year is almost here! We asked 200 football fans to share their takes on the outcome of Super Bowl LVI and how they’ll be spending their Super Bowl Sunday.

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Digital Users Respond to Facebook Rebrand and Its Virtual World, Metaverse

How did online users react to the launch of Meta? Are they interested in joining the Metaverse? We asked 750 respondents for their honest opinions about this recent tech news.

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The Best of 2021: A Moment to Reflect

This holiday season, we asked folks to reflect on the positives of 2021. Respondents shared powerful life lessons and joyful moments that inspired them through the ups and downs in these thoughtful responses.

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American Travel Habits in 2021: Nearly 40% of respondents have never left the country

What barriers prevent Americans from traveling? Are Americans passionate about travel? We ran a study to find the answers to these questions and more.

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Your personal data may be Big Tech’s most profitable product. It also may be one you would be willing to pay them to stop selling.

Are digital users aware of the personal information tech companies collect and share? Who owns this information? This study uncovers users’ personal data preferences and thoughts.

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Are We Connected or Isolated? How Social Media Impacts Our Mental Health.

Users believe that social media can have both a positive and negative impact on their mental health. The stories shared by each side reveal the conflicting emotions that can arise while using social media.

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How our shopping habits changed as a response to the pandemic

Many of our usual habits have shifted due to Covid-19, even with vaccinations and re-openings. The retail industry had to adapt to shoppers’ new behaviors and needs.

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