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Vaccination nation: The latest pulse on the Covid-19 vaccine

Although the COVID-19 vaccines have shown safe and effective results, many people still have fear and doubt in them. Our latest infographic dives into the nation’s thoughts towards the subject.

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GroupSolver vaccination pulse check blog

Are you a “lifelong learner”?

Did you know that 70% of respondents from our recent study consider themselves a “lifelong learner”? So what does lifelong learning mean exactly?

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A happy quarantine Valentine’s Day

Given that some of our Valentine’s Day plans may look a bit different this year due to the pandemic, we figured it would be the perfect opportunity to reach out to our audience to get their input.

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Trump vs. Twitter

The final straw.

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Out of the woods, finally?

Will things start to finally look up with a new vaccine? Or will this bring up new fires we have to put out?

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What happened to “one nation, indivisible?”

After a drawn-out battle between former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump, America has chosen Joe Biden as its 46th president.

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All I want for Christmas is a cure for Covid

I’m sure many of us —myself included— are wishing that this year will be just as special as any other year. But things will probably be special this year for a different reason thanks to Covid-19.

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On the edge

With elections coming up and COVID-19 still lurking, it is no wonder why many of us are on the edge of our seats.

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A long road ahead

There’s a long road ahead before the pandemic is over. Not only are we worried about our health, but issues regarding the economy and our countries’ leadership are on top of mind.

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