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Are you a “lifelong learner”?

Apr 8, 2021
GroupSolver lifelong learner infographic

Did you know that 70% of respondents from our recent study consider themselves a “lifelong learner”? So what does lifelong learning mean exactly?

According to our survey results, lifelong learners are those who “continue to study and advance themselves throughout life” (78% support) or “always taking some sort of classes” (67% support), among other things. Generally, this seems to be a positive expression to most.

We also found that 45% of respondents think they’d take a course or seminar within the next 5 years to enhance their professional or personal skills as a way to continue their lifelong learning. Some of the topics people would be interested in learning more about include “self-improvement” (71% support), “financial skills” (59% support), and “AI and machine learning” (58% support).

All in all, it seems that we just really want to better ourselves (83% support), keep our mind actives (76% support), and advance in our careers (67% support) through furthering our knowledge. What skills or topics are you interested in learning more about? Let us know!

Look through our infographic below to look at more of our findings:

lifelong learning lifelong learning

N= 169

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