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“Got a few minutes?”

Feb 26, 2021

If you watched this year’s Superbowl, you know that this is how Quibi introduced itself. Yes, I suppose I do have a few minutes. But only a few. What do you have in store for me, Quibi?

I hustle from point A to point B and finding time to consume any kind of entertainment has been a huge challenge lately… let alone finding time to watch a full episode of Queer Eye, Gossip Girl or a movie. I live my life in small bursts on my phone, so Quibi’s proposal to serve me entertainment in short bursts on my mobile immediately resonated with me.

In case you have missed the buzz, Quibi is a new app launching this April. It is built for individuals like me who are on the go, but still want a quick entertainment fix. They promise to provide a wide range of episodes across different genres for 10 minutes or less.

Perfect, right? Since my day job is a market researcher at GroupSolver®, it is only natural for me to test if Quibi is a new social trend I should get behind or not. So, let’s find out what 105 other individuals think about the idea, shall we?

Reactions towards Quibi were all over the place.

Of course, the first thing I wanted to check was people’s initial reaction towards the concept. There was a wide range of responses, ranging from those who were intrigued to those who were bored by it. Those who seemed interested said that it was because they were “curious” (63% support strength), found it “intriguing” (49%), and felt like it “looks like a cool app” (39%). On the other hand, some of the less positive reactions included: “it probably won’t make me switch” (55%)“I don’t know if I would like small bits like that” (53%), and saying that the concept was “all over the place…feels like it’s trying too hard” (51%).

Question: What words, phrases or feelings describe your initial reaction to this concept?

GroupSolver quibi reaction

Hmm. That was not what I expected. I wanted to know more about the reasons why 61% of survey takers found the concept appealing whereas 40% did not like the idea. Those who liked the concept expressed that they find the concept “entertaining” (83%), it is “storytelling at your phone” (81%) and they like that Quibi “introduces something new” (75%). Many answers were about intrigue, yet they were less specific. The concept sounds cool and different, but I feel that the jury is very much still out.

Question: What specifically about this concept is appealing to you?

IdeaCloud about why Quibi is appealing

Those who found the concept unappealing said it was not novel or necessary. They felt that “there are way too many similar apps out there” (73%) and the they “… like Netflix more” (51%). Some said they were open to a trial, but others said they simply like longer content better.

Question: What specifically about this concept is not appealing to you?

IdeaCloud why Quibi is not appealing

Quibi is targeting the right crowd.

Quibi seems to be aiming its sight at Gen Z’s and Millennials. So, I compared answers from respondents in the target age group vs. non-target age group, and then those who said they were short video watchers vs. those who prefer long video content. The younger crowd was more likely to expect “that it will have a nice variety from shows to storytelling” (71%)“a bite at a time intrigues me” (67%), and “that next chapter is readily available all the time” (77%)Fresh content and Storytelling at your phone seemed to appeal to everyone.

Question: What specifically about this concept is appealing to you?

IntelliSegment about why Quibi is appealing based on age

Maybe not everyone is as excited as I thought.

Of course, appeal of a product is best measured by people’s willingness to pay. I tested two subscription price points: $4.99 with ads and $7.99 that came without ads. There was a slight preference for subscription without ads (26% vs 21%), but majority (53%) was not interested in paying anything. This is surprising to me since most respondents stated that they found the idea appealing.

Question: Which plan would you be most likely to subscribe to?

quibi subscription preference

What this data tells me is that there is not as much of an overwhelming excitement towards the app. People were fine with paying for Disney+ for instance, but most are not interested in paying for Quibi. Could something be missing on Quibi’s end?

All is not lost, but Quibi needs to be clearer.

After seeing the data, I still love the Quibi concept. But I can’t help but wonder if Quibi is stating as clearly as it should who they are and what they offer. The app made quite the splash pre-launch, but there is still some work left to do. They are going after the right group of people, and clearly intrigue and excitement is there. But is it enough to convert Quibi to a smashing success on April 6th when it launches? I guess we will have to see!

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