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How our shopping habits changed as a response to the pandemic

Jun 17, 2021

Many of our usual habits have shifted due to Covid-19, even with vaccinations and re-openings. The retail industry had to adapt to shoppers’ new behaviors and needs. Some customers started to shop more often online, and they feel like online “is definitely more convenient” (58% support) and it gives them “peace of mind” not coming in contact with non-vaccinated people (63% support). Ordering groceries online and curbside pickup started to become the norm for certain folks.

Of course there are still those who partake in shopping in-store, but 50% of respondents said they’d only feel comfortable depending on the safety measures retailers are taking. Such safety measures include “cleaning the carts” (88% support), “wear[ing] masks” (82% support), and “having sanitizers throughout the store” (69% support). It is clear that even though we are approaching the light at the end of the tunnel, our Covid-19 shopping habits may have a significant impact for the future of retail.

Look through our infographic below to look at more of our findings:

shopping habits in response to Covid-19 shopping habits in response to Covid-19

N= 206

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