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Out of the woods, finally?

Apr 8, 2021
GroupSolver covid infographic

Will things start to finally look up with a new vaccine? Or will this bring up new fires we have to put out?

With the most recent news about a covid vaccine from Pfizer and Moderna, we were intrigued to see how the general population felt. In our latest pulse check, we found that overall, most of our respondents have high hopes for the vaccine but are worried about its side effects and risks. Reasons such as “no guarantee that it will work for everybody” (86% support) and “it could potentially be more harmful than good” (80% support) are why some people are not willing to get a vaccine when it is available. Furthermore, Democrats stated that they were more likely to get the vaccine and have higher expectation on its effectiveness than Republicans.

We were also curious about how citizens believe that the country’s fight against Covid-19 will change with Biden-Harris administration. In general, the use of more masks (77% support), more restrictions (63% support) and listening to science (61% support) were popular responses.

For more insights from this study, check the infographic below!

vaccine infographic vaccine infographic

N = 445

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