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Vaccination nation: The latest pulse on the Covid-19 vaccine

Apr 21, 2021
GroupSolver vaccination pulse check blog

Although the COVID-19 vaccines have shown safe and effective results, many people still have fear and doubt in them. Misinformation continues to fuel vaccine conspiracy theories and causing some to decline getting vaccinated. Our recent study looks at the latest feelings and opinions about the COVID-19 vaccines.

Those who find the vaccine appealing say that “It will protect thousands of people” (89%) and that the “Vaccine has helped many people as it reduces the risk of experiencing COVID severely” (83%). On the other hand, those who do not find the vaccine appealing feel “a little suspicious about it” (69%) and worry about “the side effects” (74%).

Despite these differing opinions, 45% of respondents say that they are very likely to get the COVID vaccine. The likelihood of these individuals getting the vaccine varies based upon their age and region of the United States. 76% of respondents over the age of 50 are very likely to get their vaccine, while only 36% of respondents ages 35-50 are very likely to get the vaccine. Compared to the West and North East regions, the South Central region is the least likely to get vaccinated, as 36% of respondents from this area say that getting vaccinated is very unlikely for them.

Discover the rest of our insights in the infographic below:

covid-19 infographic covid-19 infographic

N= 206

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