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Market Segmentation How-To’s

Need to get a better handle on who your consumers are and how to appeal to them? Check out this guide on how to conduct market segmentation.

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Top Brand Equity Questions to Ask in a Customer Survey

Assessing your brand equity starts with asking the right questions and using the right tools. Learn to design an effective brand equity survey from our pros.

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How to Do a Survey on a Chatbot

Chatbots are valuable tools and not only for customer support. Learn how to use your chatbot for market research and more with an AI-driven chatbot survey.

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6 Marketing Research Best Practices to Follow

If your marketing research isn’t delivering results that are setting you up for success, try these top market research tips to refine your process.

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Top Strategies and Tips for Product Feature Research

Product feature research is a valuable process for feature prioritization and directing your development. Learn the top tips and strategies from our experts.

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Evaluating Ideas for Your Business: A How-To Guide

How do you know if your business or product idea has the legs to go the distance? Follow this how-to guide for your idea evaluation process.

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Top 5 Tools for Market Research in 2022

What are the best market research tools to use in 2022 to gather insight into your market, competitors, and target audience? Find out from our experts.

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What to Look For in Customer Feedback Tools & Software

Learn how to find the perfect customer feedback software and customer feedback tools with this checklist of essentials.

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Your Simple Guide to Behavioral Customer Segmentation

Your guide to better customer segmentation using behavioral data. Find out how to dig deeper into your customers’ actions and increase conversions with behavioral segmentation research.

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