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Top 5 Ways To Get Feedback From Customers

Unless you give the people who matter most a chance to share their thoughts with you, you won’t know what makes them tick or what turns them away.

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How to ask for customer feedback GroupSolver blog

5 Tips for Building a Brand Awareness Questionnaire

Your simple guide to creating a brand awareness survey. Get the insights you need using our best practices and tried and tested examples.

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Protect the quality of your survey data from speedsters cheaters and bots by implementing smart trap questions

Not filtering out unqualified, inattentive or fraudulent respondents will at the minimum add unnecessary noise to collected data and at worst it may invalidate your survey’s findings.

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Matrix reloaded: impact of matrix question length and attribute complexity

In this study, we conducted two identical surveys on two different platforms.

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Does matrix question format cause drift in respondent data toward neutral results?

In this study, we explored whether the format of the matrix question has an impact on the data collected in a survey and if it creates a detectable bias.

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