• We are not hiring for this team now.

    Analytics team

    We understand your business better than you. Just kidding… but we will help you understand your business better than you did before you talked to us.

  • Product team

    Automation lives here. We design smart tools that save you time and make your boss say ‘Wow!’

    Junior/Experienced/Senior Front End Developer

    Košice, Slovakia

    Development of a progressive web platform using state-of-the-art web technologies in an international team. Possibility to participate in architectural design, API interface and design. We welcome new designs and technologies; the right solution has priority over our legacy code.


    • Use data to inform and influence the direction of the product team roadmaps and inform business decisions
    • Partner with product teams to define goals and identify key metrics for existing features and new releases
    • Work closely with Marketing to rapidly design experiments and iterate on results
    • Improve our understanding of patterns/trends in user behavior and find new product opportunities
    • Build automated dashboards and reports to drive awareness and understanding of key metrics and experiment results
    • Work closely with Data Engineering to author and develop core data sets to empower operational and exploratory analyses


    • A proven track record of using quantitative analysis to impact key business or product decisions
    • The ability to clearly and effectively communicate the results of complex analyses
    • Minimum of 6 years experience writing production datasets in SQL/Hive OR building internal/production data tools for ETL, experimentation, or exploration in a scripting language (Python, PHP, Ruby, etc.)
    • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related field, or equivalent training, fellowship, or work experience
    • A solid grasp of common statistical applications and methods (experimentation, probabilities, regression)
    • Comfort with basic HTML/CSS/JS
  • We are not hiring for this team now.

    Research team

    Nerdy, intellectually brilliant. Seriously. We don’t care about sports and don’t joke about data.

    Data Scientist

    Modeling research and development: work with state-of-the-art NLP models and reinforced learning to improve conventional market research practices. Model evaluation: maintain testing and validation datasets to constantly track model performance.


    • Comfortable working with teams in different time zones, (USA, Europe)
    • Good communication skills, be able to explain technical concepts to non-technical audiences.
    • Technical background and experience with ML models, particularly NLP.
    • Good understanding of ML/statistical modeling foundations.
    • Good understanding of ML/statistical modeling foundations.
    • (IDEAL) Strong understanding of Transformer architecture and Attention mechanisms.


    • Python, R, or JavaScript
    • Data management experience: SQL, Mongo DB
    • GCP, AWS, Kubernetes deployment (optional)
  • We are not hiring for this team now.

    Infrasctructure team

    We care about your data and privacy. We lose sleep over hackers, leaks and GDPR, so you don’t have to.

  • Business team

    We know you need a friend. A shoulder to cry on. Somebody you call when you need your research done yesterday. That is us.

    Client Strategy Manager (Technology Sales)

    Lehi, UT

    Help us disrupt an industry! Utah has become the technology hub in experience management and GroupSolver® is on the cutting edge in that space. For years, the biggest pain point of online surveys has been their inability to achieve fast, meaningful access to qualitative data. Our intelligent survey platform has resolved this issue through a unique combination of machine learning and crowd intelligence. This blend of technology gives our customers immediate access to the richest insights.

    We’re one of those best-kept secrets that’s starting to make waves. Our platform has been used by brands like Johnson & Johnson, Google, General Mills, Amazon, Ipsos, Merck, Discovery Channel, Snapchat, Nestle, and Pepsis Co. Need a few more examples? Kellogg’s, Bayer, CBS, Twitter, Janssen, and Red Bull. However, our most explosive growth is still to come.

    We’re a different kind of tech start-up that has built a model that is profitable and appropriately funded. We doubled our revenue last year and are set to be a disruptive force this year. The experience management industry is primed and looking for new methods to address current needs. We are the solution they are looking for.

    We need salespeople with the following ingredients:

    • Smarts
    • Be teachable and proactive
    • Be a contributor
    • Have curiosity and be inquisitive
    • Natural hard worker…we love to see new CSMs putting in the time to learn quickly and build a solid sales pipeline
    • With a few exceptions, our CSMs need to live near our sales HQ in Utah County
    • Skill in communicating with clients succinctly and conversationally
    • Learn to approach your role as a knowledgeable thought partner (this is not a transactional sale…we share, support, and discuss solutions)
    • Treat it like you own it

    What you can expect from GroupSolver®:

    • Join a smart start-up at the right time. We’ve softened the market, developed the sales system, and are being adopted by brands of all shapes and sizes.
    • We’ll provide industry training and how our technology fits in the market.
    • We have a simple model for quickly finding and developing meaningful relationships.
    • We work hard but have flexibility. This means a flexible PTO policy, a combination of remote and in-office time that works for both you and the company, and the ability to chart your own sales course.
    • Benefit from a meaningful compensation plan with growth opportunities.
    • We’re a certified “bro culture” free environment. We look for confidence, not egos.
    • We serve a diverse, global market and are building a talented, diverse team. Bring your passion and energy and we will help you succeed.
    • We are in the process of relocating the sales office from Provo to a TBD location along the freeway between Lehi and Pleasant Grove.
  • We are not hiring for this team now.

    Marketing team

    We watch market trends, tell customer stories and advocate for better research. Oh, and if you ever find yourself saying ‘dang, this is a nice deck’ to our analytics team, we probably had something to do with it.