Does matrix question format cause drift in respondent data toward neutral results?

Posted on: September 1, 2020

Matrix question format is a popular method used in online surveys to shorten the time respondent takes to complete a questionnaire. In this study, we explored whether the format of the matrix question has an impact on the data collected in a survey and if it creates a detectable bias. In this study, data from two parallel studies using two different online survey platforms were collected and compared. Based on this data collected, we observe that table format of a matrix question appears to push respondents toward the center of the response scale. The impact is relatively small on average, but it varies greatly based on the question.

Your Customers Want You to Start a Rebellion: A Conversation with a Product Rebel and a GroupSolver Board Member, Vidya Dinamani.

Posted on: July 20, 2020

Vidya Dinamani is GroupSolver’s newest Board member and, as Rasto Ivanic would say, “a ruthless advocate for customer-led design”. With a wealth of product leadership experience at companies such as Intuit, Vidya and her business partner launched their own company: Product Rebels. It was during one of the Product Rebels early workshops where she and Rasto met and formed a productive relationship that lasts until today. Today, we are sharing with you an insightful conversation between the two thought leaders. Make

Racial Inequities in Food Advertising: A Conversation with Dr. Aarti Ivanic

Posted on: July 9, 2020

Dr. Aarti Ivanic has been a long-time friend and advisor to us at GroupSolver. We recently sat down with her to discuss her research on the link between race and nutrition. When we think of racial inequity, the basic right of access to healthy foods isn’t always on everyone’s mind. But with conversations bringing to light race, discrimination, and related inequities in our country, it is more pressing than ever for us to