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Product Launch Study: Microsoft Surface phone

Even for established companies, launching a new product requires more than a good design and flashy advertising. Market research is an important aspect of coming to recognize customers likes and dislikes, along with customer needs or concerns about upcoming products. The result of market research is an understanding of how individual products will likely fair

Online Survey Pet Peeves

online surveys, respondents, GroupSolver

We all have our pet peeves. There are simply some aspects about life that get under our skin and seem almost impossible to stand. Oftentimes, pet peeves are unique to each individual, however, being in the survey and information-gathering business, we couldn’t help but wonder if those who participate frequently in surveys would have similar

In Coffee veritas

coffee shops

Here at GroupSolver, we understand that coffee is the lifeblood of business. Whether it’s a drip brew before work or a jolt of dark roast in the mid-afternoon, we all can use the pick-me-up that coffee provides. But, this doesn’t mean that just any cup of coffee is going to cut it. People are particular

What would it be like to brew your own beer?

home brewing, beers, craft beers

Wikipedia describes homebrewing as brewing of beer on a small scale for personal, non-commercial purposes. What it does not mention is the positive impact it can have on the social life of the Millennials. GroupSolver conducted this study in January 2017 with our client, Mr.Beer®,  who simplifies the science behind home brewing.

Healthcare system from the patient’s perspective 

healthcare study, market research, patients, hospital

Healthcare is one of the most profitable industries in the United States, but is it also one of the most caring for its customers? How well is it doing? GroupSolver conducted study in November 2016 and January 2017 with a total sample size of 653 respondents. Do you want to explore more insights or see

The good old days

good old days, american history, generations

We teamed up again with The Freedom Revolution to find out which era of American history we consider the “good old days”. We found that the answer depends on which generation we asked. The members of Generation X miss most the 80’s and the 90’s, while Baby Boomers look back with nostalgia to the 50’s

Christmas 2016

christmas 2016, gifts, Santa

Another Christmas has gone by and for many of us it felt much different from the time when we were kids. While waiting for Santa with milk and cookies recalls a picture from our past, we are now far more focused on filling in for Santa and lighting the sparks in children’s eyes. Our job

Racial Inequality in the US and Kaepernick’s protest

NFL, protest, Colin Kaepernick

In the first games of the NFL season, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick decided to kneel during the national anthem in protest of racial oppression and inequality in the United States. We conducted a study in the end of September with 161 participants to find out what Americans think about Kaepernick’s protest, and whether

How GroupSolver™ Elevates Market Research Beyond the Quant vs. Qual Divide

market research

Finding customers’ path in quantitative research Another page crumpled and tossed in the trash, another whiteboard filled with scribbles dutifully erased, another round of redlines on a proposal draft… The realm of quantitative inquiry has its share of limitations and frustrations. One issue inherent in traditional survey research is that they nudge respondents into the

Bank on It

bank, banks, financial services, financial institutions

The Decision Factors Behind Bank Selection Over 2 billion results – that’s what you get when you search “bank” on Google. Obviously, much has been said and written about the financial services industry.  Given the ubiquitous nature of financial institutions, we began to ask ourselves how anyone chooses between so many options. What are the

GroupSolver Now in Turkey

turkey, study, Istanbul

We had the opportunity to ask some questions to the managing partner and CEO of Junction Istanbul, Mr. Can Papuççuoglu. As Mr. Papuççuoglu started learning more about GroupSolver at a networking event in San Diego, he knew that it would be very useful tool for companies in Turkey. Junction Istanbul’s first client to use GroupSolver’s

The Balance of Power in the NBA

nba, basketball

In the NBA there are good players and there are superstars that make the difference between a good team and a team that can win a championship. During the 2015-2016 NBA playoffs it became clear who those superstar players are: Steph Curry, Lebron James, and Kevin Durant. When the GS Warriors and the OKC Thunder

Welcome Millennials to Your Restaurant

Millennials, restaurant

  GroupSolver™ has an online platform that blends the qualitative and quantitative worlds into one for consumer insights and market research. Together with our friends at TripleScoop ( and Critical Mix (, we used our platform to learn more about millennials and what matters to them when eating at a restaurant. Millennials are becoming increasingly

Streaming services are not for everyone. Why?

Streaming music

At GroupSolver we want to know what motivates people to do what they do. For this study, we were interested in finding how people prefer to listen to music and why. This study is also designed to gauge interest in streaming services, and to better understand why streaming services aren’t for everyone. Who buys music

First 100 days: what the next president should do

I’m going to start this off with a simple question: what are some major news headlines that got your attention in the past few weeks?  An easy guess would be that you could not escape the plethora of stories covering the colorful campaigning of the US presidential candidates.  In all honesty, yes, the candidates have said some pretty outrageous things, but

The Waiting Game: What’s Driving Consumer Decisions in the Food Industry?

food, consumer

TrendSource and GroupSolver™ teamed up to uncover the factors that influence a consumer’s decision to stay or to leave. Should I stay or should I go? When dining at a fast casual or quick-service restaurant (QSR), long lines during peak hours are an inevitable part of the process. Due to unavoidable circumstances, what started out

The Bill of Rights: A Declaration of Independents

bill of rights, declaration

Imagine for a moment that you are starting a new country.  A war has been won, a group of the best and brightest gathered, and the future of this new country depends on what you do next.  Picture yourself sitting down at a desk with a pen and paper and deciding what activities, attitudes, philosophies,

Apple Justice: Choosing Privacy over Security?

aplle, justice

Let us start by saying that this study was not meant to be representative of the general population. When we asked the question why Apple should or should not write the code to open the iPhones used by the San Bernardino shooters, we knew we would be getting mostly younger respondents with an affinity for

Grammy Awards: Adele maybe crying, but her fans are buying

grammy awards 2016

If you are a music fan like we are at GroupSolver, you probably have watched at least some of the 58th Grammy Awards performances. As always, there were great performances, some head-scratchers and a few break-away new artists that we were sure to see on stage again. With that said, and while being data geeks at heart, we

Where Do We Look for New Music?

music, new music

  Of all forms of entertainment, no medium has reached more people or been more influential than music.  As access to music has become increasingly easy, the way we use music has evolved.  Maybe you find it cathartic, maybe you just use it as background noise, or maybe it’s a hobby, even a profession for

Why is Trump winning?

Trump. president candidate

There is no shortage of guesses why Donald Trump has been able to hold a steady and commanding lead among the Republican candidates for President. He is not a professional politician, he is financing his own campaign and he tends to say things other candidates would not dare to get caught whispering at a confession.

The Meaning of Being Patriotic

american flag, patriotism, freedom, america

  Thanks to today’s increasingly polarized culture, the public has a well-trained cynicism that makes them question the motives of all messaging coming their way.  This presents a unique challenge for organizations aimed at being politically neutral.  Such is the challenge of The Freedom Revolution. The Freedom Revolution is a 501-c3 nonprofit organization celebrating America’s uniqueness

Why we like our presidential candidates: Top 6 reasons

candidates candidates, USA elections

A couple of weeks back, we took a look at the various reasons why potential voters prefer Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. Today, we take an overall look across the board at the Top 6 reasons mentioned in our research as being important in deciding which Presidential candidate we plan on supporting. Of course, we took

Black Thursday: What Consumers Think About Shopping on Turkey Day

thanksgiving, black thursday, black friday

The thick of shopping season is upon us, and it seemingly moves earlier each year. There has been much debate in the media about retailers opening their stores before leftovers hit the fridge on Thursday. Is it fair to the workers who have to skip time with their families to come work the late shift? How about

Hillary is a leader. Bernie will fight the income gap.

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders

Presidential campaigns are an opportunity for statisticians and pollsters to dig into data to understand how people choose one candidate over another. There is certainly no lack of polls and data they produce. However, what these surveys have harder time measuring is the “why” behind voters’ decisions. Asking “why” people are choosing one candidate over another is the kind of fundamental information that

What does Keystone XL rejection mean to you?

Last Friday, President Obama rejected Keystone XL pipeline permit application. We wondered what that decision meant to you, so we asked. Not surprisingly, those of you who are leaning left applauded the decision and those leaning right had concerns about the impact on jobs. Somewhat surprisingly, both sides noted that this was probably a good

What Voters Most Want: Honesty or Intelligence?

  A version of this article appeared on Washington Monthly’s website (here). Partisan differences between Democrats and Republicans are increasingly stark – and may now even extend to the character traits voters look for in a president. Recent research conducted by Lincoln Park Strategies and GroupSolver finds that while all voters value “honesty,” “intelligence” and

On the Topic of Research: Qual or Quant?

qualitative quantitative research

Recently, we sat down with Dr. Claudiu Dimofte to talk about quantitative and qualitative market research and how the two components fit together. Dr. Dimofte’s research focuses, among other topics, on measurement scales in marketing research.   GroupSolver : Claudiu, I think that you and I would agree that most researchers and marketing professionals pay

Avoiding Groupthink in Focus Group Discussion

groupthink, research, crowdsourcing

Desire for harmony and avoidance of conflict in group discussions often allow groups of people to reach consensus quickly. While conflict avoidance allows us to carry out civilized discussions, without offending others, often, members of the discussion group withhold their true opinions in favor of reaching a consensus because they feel that the existing group is superior,

Meal Delivery Services are “Hot” Right Now

“Why can’t you press a button and get food?”-Mike Fox, CEO of SpoonRocket While not everyone knows the company “,” they will undoubtedly know the names of companies created after its spectacular failure. These are names such as “Postmates,” “Sprig,” “SpoonRocket,” “Caviar,” “Munchery,” and “GrubHub.” If you live or work in an urban environment, especially

Bocconi Students’ Intelligent use of GroupSolver

[fusion_text] For the second year in a row, GroupSolver has teamed up with The Bocconi University based out of Milan, Italy. Bocconi University and The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) have worked together for many years to host study-abroad opportunities for students from each respective school. Bocconi University has again partnered with GroupSolver to

How do we choose a sports bar?

I enjoy watching sports. So when Chris – whose company is building a cool app for sports fans – came to us with a question he has been grappling with, I was more than happy to help. This was a cool study, and I thought it is worth sharing. Here is Chris, one of the

Creating effective over-the-phone advertising

It’s six o’clock on a Friday and you just got home from work. It was a beautiful day and you were stuck inside behind a computer far longer than you want to think about. You want nothing more than to sit down, pour yourself a drink, and relax. Unfortunately, you can’t do that. Instead, you

How customer research is like baking

The art of asking smart questions If you don’t like baking, chances are it is because you hate losing control over the process once the cake is in the oven. When the oven door closes, all you have left to do is watch the timer. All you could have done to make a great cake

Guess what your little boy will get from me at his next birthday party?

“As men get older, the toys get more expensive.” Marvin Davis A giant of a man, Marvin Davis lived a giant life. Upon his death in 2004, he left his family warring over some very expensive toys, including 20th Century Fox, the Pebble Beach Corporation, the Beverly Hills Hotel, and the Aspen Skiing Company. Clearly,

Beyond Big Data vs. Small Data: how to get to Smart Data

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.” Sherlock Holmes in “A Study in Scarlett” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Earlier this month, the New York Times published an insightful article by two fellow economists Alex Peysakhovich and Seth Stephens-Dawidovitz, in which they, very astutely, pointed out what is probably the most

Is Print Advertising Dead?

“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” – Mark Twain Might one say the same about the oft-reported death of Print Advertising? To answer this question with some degree of certainty, one needs to have extended conversations with more people. Which we did, from around the world, in fact. Do you still look at

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Junction Instanbul - Can Papuccuoglu GroupSolver was able to mine these insights in a very short time, reported better results and was able to include all employees in the study.
University of San Diego - Renata Bertó Your team did a phenomenal job on this project! Everyone was so responsive and professional! I have only great things to say about their professionalism and quality of work, and I am looking forward to working with them again before launching any academic programs in the future.
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