Protect the quality of your survey data from speedsters, cheaters and bots by implementing smart trap questions.

Posted on: January 19, 2021

Gathering high quality responses from online surveys is a fundamental premise of building customer insights and making sound business decisions. Achieving this premise, however, can be a major challenge. This is especially true when respondents are sourced from broad general audience panels and whose identity can’t be verified for privacy reasons. While collecting data from a reputable sample provider and using good survey design techniques go a long way towards ensuring data quality, it is often not enough. Inevitably, some survey respondents will set out to complete survey questions as fast as they can, particularly when a monetary incentive is involved. Not filtering out unqualified, inattentive or fraudulent respondents will at the minimum add

Trump vs. Twitter

Posted on: January 15, 2021

The final straw. Last week, Twitter announced the permanent suspension of Donald Trump’s Twitter account due to the violation of company policy and the risk of further incitement of violence. This ban has come in the wake of violent riots at the U.S. Capitol, investigations, and other big moves from major tech companies in order

A Vaccination Conversation Part II: Discussing Health Literacy with Dr. Eileen Fry-Bowers

Posted on: December 9, 2020

Vaccines have long been the center of controversy and the Covid-19 vaccine is no exception. Fears of side effects and unknown risks loom over people’s heads as they struggle to determine, should I get the vaccine when it is available or wait a while? We expect people to make a good decision for their own health and for the safety of others with information presented,

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