Our experience inspires
our innovation.

The idea behind GroupSolver

Having been consumers of market research in our past lives, we recognized that traditional market research tools were struggling to keep up with the speed of industry innovation. Seeing that many companies are still relying on technology and research methods that had become outdated, we set out to design a platform that could more accurately answer burning customer-related questions. Our goal was and still is to provide companies with accurate and timely consumer answers that will enable them to make decisions that are both fast and informed.


Where to look for the right answers?

Market research has always struggled to find a middle ground between qualitative and quantitative data. Both are needed to get a complete picture of customers’ preferences. We set out to develop a research platform that could accurately analyze and quantify open-ended questions and overcome this shortcoming. Our unique approach to market research lets companies gain the critical insights they need with more depth and with much less hassle.

Uniqueness is the key

GroupSolver turns usual research methods on their head. Instead of asking respondents to mark option (a) or (c), we give them the ability to actually engage with questions and each other’s responses. This approach allows us to gather more complete data that more accurately represents respondents’ preferences. Given that products and markets are evolving so quickly, we built a solution that provides the answers product managers and researchers need to stay ahead.