Use our visual dashboard to view and work with your insights.
Data is processed and updated as it is being collected, so you can preview results at any time.


AI Open Answers™

By combining machine learning with crowd intelligence, GroupSolver ® automatically organizes and quantifies open-ended answers. No data training, no human moderating, and no free-text coding are necessary. You are welcome!


IdeaCluster™ shows correlations between individual open-ended answers. Quite helpful when building customer personas or telling a brand story. That is right – we liberated correlation and regression models from an exclusive relationship with quantitative data.


IntelliSegment™ is an intelligent segmentation tool that can help you understand how answers to open-ended questions differ for specific respondent segments. It’s like finding a story in a haystack.


IdeaCloud™ is a compact and prioritized presentation of most supported answers to the open-ended question. Larger font denotes answers with higher support among respondents. Smaller font is for… well, answers that didn’t quite get it done.

Consensus Solution™

Consensus Solution™ is a set of highly supported answers that are positively correlated with each other. It shows answers that get along well and constitute a consensus agreement among respondents.

Choice answers

Besides being the bread and butter of survey research, answers to multiple choice questions can be helpful in building respondent segments for richer insights. We keep them fresh and updated in real-time.

Data Importer

If you have already collected information about your respondents, you can upload it into our dashboard. Use it to cut GroupSolver ® data or build new respondent segments.

Answer Manager

Watch how respondents answer your questions in real time. Group and validate them with a click of a button. We trust our machine, but data sometimes needs gentle human touch.

Data Downloader

Export raw data for further analysis with standard statistical software such as SPSS, R, or Excel. Let us know if your statistical package speaks another language, we probably speak it too.

Quick and custom insights.